January 24, 2011

SAL - time to stitch

We have new visitors and new followers on our blog, I'm happy to see you all! Welcome :D

We are planning our first SAL, if you haven't read about it, just take a look on this post. Everyone is welcome to join! :)

Option B has more votes so lets draw our plan ;)
» Stitch 3 cats, one per month, from February until April
» Each person can pick their favorites from the six patterns
» We can post our wips, our stitching progress but not the final result
» Closing, in May, we will post our finished piece (or pieces) and see how everyone did :D

Is this OK for everyone? :)
What about the time to stitch, is it doable? One cat per month or should we have more time?
Girls, don't stress, we want everyone to have fun. If you need more time feel free to tell, lets work it out for everyone ;)

So far, who is stitching:
* Nia - me :)
* Ana
* Svetlana
* Noni
* Dinny
* Joanita
* Astrid
* Lilibolero - please leave us your email to contact
* Alda (aka Artemania)


Atelier Caseiro said...

It´s ok for me!
*Ü* Ana

Dyanna said...

Hello Nia,
For now I just see your works.

This kind of initiatives are so funny!! Someday I'll point me in one :) a simple one ;)

Kiss and have a nice week

Dinny Ristinia said...

Mmmm... One cat per month is ok..!!

Rafa said...

Already closed?? lol
Can I still enter?
When we receive the graphics?


Joanita said...

It´s ok, Nia! =)

Joanita said...

Rafa, the graphics are in the magazine Cross Stitcher 222 ;)

Stitching Noni said...

One puddy tat a month is good for me... especially if we are only going to show WIP/progress and not finished results!!

Looking forward to seeing which of those gorgeous cats everyone stitches first :-)


Annette said...

What a great SAL Nia..
I have to many WIP's at the moment and with baby Kira, for who I wanna made a few things I will pass on this SAL, hope you will have another SAL, then I will enter it!!!

luciana garcia said...

I want to participate, there's still time? for me a month is OK

Astrid's dragon said...

Sounds good to me! Now to decide which one to start with.