March 1, 2013

Summer is done!

Hello, long time no post here!  I have been stitching away most nights on the Easter Exchange and alternating with Cool Cats Summer.

At long last I have something I can show you all, and by showing you I can put a big green tick against SAL #3.  Happy dance!!

I finished the last of the back stitch on Cool Cat "Summer" the other night!  Wow, that was a tough one (all that white and cream) but he is now all done.  And just in time for us in the Southern Hemisphere to finish Summer and move into Autumn.

Now that I have finally finished all three of the original SAL's I can start SAL #4 with a clear conscience!  Well, almost a clear conscience as I haven't made them all up yet... but that part will happen soon.

MS Cool Cat Summer - SAL #3
And here they all are.... stitched and waiting for some place to go!

Finished SAL #3 Cool Cats
Finished SAL #2 Christmas
Finished SAL # 1 Culinary Cats
I can't wait to finally start the next SAL - "Puppy Love"... this weekend is the beginning of a new stitching adventure.

Well that's it for this update from me.  I will be back with an update on the Easter Exchange and "Puppy Love" soon...

Til next time, happy stitching
Stitching Noni


Loubie69 said...

Wow lots of lovely cute finishes :-)

Angel said...

Great job!
Can't wait for summertime!!

Valma said...

great great great =)
very well done sweetie
this last cat is very cute
can't wait to see how you'll finish the 3 remaining, but as Autumn will start your first finish is perfect =D
happy stitching on your puppies
big hugs

cucki said...

So sweet x

purple24 said...

He is so adorable.

I just love all your finished. :)

Anne said...

Such cuties!! Your cats are adorable! :)

♥ Nia said...

Wow!!! Great work sweetie :D
Seeing all together like this it's so cool!! Thank you for sharing with us!! :D You really made me smile! love this post!!