March 16, 2013

From Valma to Judith

I was overwhelmed when receiving Valma's mail.She made my day with it. When I received it I was in a very bad mood because of my daughter and with the mail Sun came to my heart. Many many thanks for this, Valma.
Now I found the time to minimize the photos and I can show you what was in the parcel.The mail was these cute Easter serviettes and an Easter box.
The next photo shoes you the box alone.
Inside I found: 2 very nice candles, 3 wonderful ribbons , a lot of nice buttons and charms ( I do like these)
an 2 Easterornaments .
THen to the cutiest Easterbasket I ever had seen . Valma thanks so much for your work and  I do like this kind of basket.I#LL try to do one in the same shape when having a bit more of time.
And what was in this  basket.? Have a look to the last photo. 3 pieces of flower cloth .I have always an idea for which finishing I can use them und 3 sticks with little eastereggs.

As I wrote at the beginning I was overwhelmed of this all. Thanks again for your post,Valerie.I can't tell in word how my feeling is when unpacking all these nice things.

My mail is to its way and I hope that it will reach his aim  just in time. Nia ,I hope that I can send you a photo of this on Monday.
Hoping that all of you have a nice weekend
Love Judith


Annette said...

OMGoodness, what a wonderfull package you got!!
Really really beautifull.
Enjoy it!!!

cucki said...

Wow sweet gifts..
Love for you x

Angel said...

Ahh, everything is so pretty.
And a great choice of pattern...sooo cute!
Love the bag...i really love the colour purple:-)

Claire said...

Wow lovely gift.x

♥ Nia said...

Such a lovely exchange!!! :D Ohhh so nice to know that you had a surprise to brighten your day =) just wonderful!!! :D
hugs to both of you!!

Valma said...

When I posted my parcel I really wanted you to enjoy it...I was far from imagining it would reach you this way
I'm so happy sweetie that it brought you love and friendship and smile, sun...and that you enjoyed everything
so many beautiful words you wrote that touches my heart and make my eyes wet =D
Have a great Easter sweetie
lot's of love

Anne said...

Wonderful surprise to make you smile!

Stitching Noni said...

What a wonderful surprise on a day when you needed it the most! Gorgeous gifts from Valerie :o) I love the design and the clever basket and box and all those cute bits and pieces - just lovely! :o)