March 27, 2013

Exchanges information!!

Hello ladies :)

I've been updating my post from March 18th, where I wrote the list with all info about our sent/received exchange parcels.
Please, check the list and let me know if I missed something, ok?

There are many parcels travelling around the globe but I'm still missing posting confirmation from 2 friends... Easter is next weekend already!! I hope they posted and just forget to let me know..

I really wish our exchanges could go fully on time!! There's always someone who missed the deadline, someone who didn't receive a gift on time.. those who post on time, should also receive on time. If this would work, everyone would have their gifts for Easter!!! I've asked for this so many times, once again, please, fulfill your commitment.

I have something else to share with you, something that makes me a bit sad..
As you all know, on our Summer exchange, there was a problem with Lu's parcel to Eleana. It started badly because at first Lu took too long to post her parcel. When she finally did it, mail was lost, no one knew where it was.. and this was already by the end of 2012. Yes, I did mention it was a Summer Exchange.. from June.
2013 started, Lu had sent a second package to Eleana, again no one knew where the mail was..
Many of us got together and sent Pixie Parcels to Eleana :) To everyone who did it, I thank you for your kindness and friendship ♥ Eleana has received a few parcels but hasn't posted here, I hope she at least has written to you! Meanwhile, Lu's package also arrived to Eleana. Again, Eleana didn't post anything here, Lu hasn't received any email back..

Also from our last Christamas exchange, I sent a package to Tracey, on behalf of Brenda (who couldn't do it because she was having health problems). Tracey should send to Gislene and guess what? My package arrived and I never heard anything back from Tracey, Gislene also never received anything from Tracey...

I think I don't need to say much more.. we can all see this is not very nice, this is not how I would like our exchanges to go. The only reason I'm sharing this, it's because I'm going to be more restricted with who signs up for our exchanges and I wanted you to know why I'll do it.
One last request...

Be nice. You have received your friends package? I bet it made you smile :) So write to her, let her know her package has arrived safely, let your friend know that the gift she made with love won your smile =) Write back, say thank you, be nice. You don't have her email? You do have mine, ask, I will send. Takes 2 minutes of your day to return a smile to another freind :)

Let me clarify that this isn't a post to everyone, almost everyone has been awesome on our exchanges and I'm truly happy for it :D thank you ladies, you are amazing stitchers and friends :D But for those same people who make an effort and put their heart on our exchanges, I feel that it is my duty to "pull some ears" to those who haven't been there for them too. Try to make better, please. Thank you!!!!


Valma said...

I think you've said everything sweetie :-/
I can't do nothing else than totally agree with you, 200%...
Exchanges must be nothing else but fun
We shouldn't have to worry about those kind of things because we are speaking about 'normal', 'obvious' behaviours :-/
There are enough clouds in the sky outside to have some gliding here above our common hobby...
This blog is behind a thick door at which we can leave (or at least try to) our problems before coming if we were entering a virtual heart warming place...please let's do everything so that it stays that way for long =D
Love for you all
And misters postmen please hurry up !!!

Annette said...

I totally agree with you Nia..
I really hope people go mail ens send there package soon. I really really hope they are where send already!!

This is not nice.. so much work, so much love, and then this......

♥ Nia said...

Thank you for your support girls! I hope everyone else agrees with us and our exchanges will work out as planned :) thank you!!!!

Anne said...

I totally agree as well Nia, and I see too, I wish those others would too, how much love and caring is put in the stitching and packaging up of such exceptional goodies!! I know it took over a year to get a RR back one time but I have recovered, sort of, from that, and have done it again with good ending. :)

cucki said...

I am 5000% agree with you nia..
In one exchange recently happen with me and I can feel the pain..
And it's not fair..

Angel said...

It is a pitty that you have to make such a message on the blog because some people let other people down.
It is most certainly not very nice.
I understand that things can happen in life unexpected(i just lost my mother wednesday , totally unexpected, she was just 62 and she probably had a heartattack).
So i am really having the most difficult time in my life right now.
But i just wanna show you that still then there is always a moment
somewhere, somehow you can find a minute just to let people know what happened to you and what your reason is that you are for example late or anything.
Please people, it just takes a minute.
If you make a promise keep yourself to it or dont sign up for a exchange!

Musicwoman said...

NIA : I totally agree with all what you wrote and I do hope that my partner will get her present very sson.
ANGEL : My prayers are with you and I hope that your sorrow will be smaller sooner or later.I hope that mya be the stiching will help you in this hard time. For me stitching is like a therapy and I do hope you also will find a way to brighten your day some time.
All the best

Stitching Noni said...

Angel - so sorry to hear your very sad news. My deepest sympathy. Words are never enough in times like things - we are all thinking of you

Nia - absolutely agree with you. Exchanges are meant to be fun... Not stressful or upsetting.

Update: as yet my package hasn't arrived but as the post office is now closed for Easter it could be sitting there waiting for me to pick up next week. Will let you know :)

Happy Easter everyone :)
Hugs xx

♥ Nia said...

Thank you for your support ladies :)

I agree with Angel, it's a pity that I had to write this post but things had to be said =( It was the least I could do for everyone who puts their heart and work into our exchanges. You all deserve the best :)

Angel I'm so sorry for your loss sweetie =( I hope the good memories will comfort your heart..

It's true, we can always send an email, takes 1 minute to let our friends know that we didn't forget.. life happens! Everyone understands that.

I understand that snail mail can take longer than we wish.. we call it snail mail for something ;)
But we can try to post on time, if it doesn't arrive sooner, we know we posted with time, we did what we could.
I'm not sad for those packages that take too long to arrive, just for those that are posted far from the deadline.. i'm pretty sure you all understand what I mean ;)

hugs to all!!!

Angel said...

Thank you Judith,Noni and Nia for your sweet words.
Easter will never be a happy time for me again...i did not know i had so many tears.