March 1, 2013

Cute cat with a lot of flowers!!


I started to post her long after the beginning of Sal2 but maybe Nia you also wanna put my name with the rest of the cross stitchers that have finished these two??:-)

I also wanted to share to you my latest ms cat.
Isn't she cute?

It was quite a job and a lot of backstitches but it was worth it!

hugs from the netherlands


cucki said...

Wow super cute
Well done x

Valma said...

awwwwww super cute =)
very well done
you did it fast Angel, the issue has only one month =)
very great, so beautiful

Stitching Noni said...

Well done on finishing the SAL! And your kitty is lovely. Well done on such a fast finish... I only got this issue of the mag recently and you have already stitched this little cutie :)

Светик said...

Cat is so cute!

Angel said...

Thanks girls,
I just really had to stitch this cutie when i saw it in cross stitch crazy immediately;-)
hugs Angele

♥ Nia said...

ohhhhh that's so cute!!! I love your cat!! :D Can you tell me the issue of the magazine? It's adoooorable!
Well done sweetie :D

Of course!! Your name is on the list ;)
Congrats on your work sweetie!! :D

Anne said...

Your snowman and Santa are adorable. Love your cat too. And I know the flowers are tons of backstitching! Congrats on the finishes! :)

Angel said...

Thank you Nia and Anne.

Nia, it was on cross stitch crazy 174.