March 29, 2013

After all these years!

Well, here's a pic of this adorable EMS-RR pillow from 2008 that I use every single day.   I love it.  Not sure if you can make out the names who stitched it, so they are Lesley-UK, Julie-UK, Susan-Canada, Nicola-Australia, Vikki-UK, Susie-UK, Ylva-UK and me-Canada.  This cute piece was all over the world.  They did such a wonderful work of it all!! I often wonder if they are all still stitching or have blogs,since I didn't have a blog back then and didn't know about them at that point.  lol   This pillow is why I love doing an RR!!   Happy stitching everyone!!  (I'm going to post this on my blog today too, same)! Maybe these people can see that it is still so loved!! :)


Valma said...

wow, this is so lovely !!
I understand why you love it
the idea was very great , to have several persons stitching on the same fabric
something to treasure

Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous RR piece. Defintely something to treasure :)
I love seeing RR's - all the different designs stitched with love and sent onto the next person... Fingers crossed you might find some of your fellow stitchers again :)

cucki said...

Wow it is looking so sweet ❤❤❤

♥ Nia said...

What a wonderful work! :D very special piece!! thanks for sharing with us sweetie :)

Alice 7610 said...

Hi Ladies :)

OMG,how is so cute! I love this!

Anne, you are so lucky :D

Very lovely,really..

Hugs, Monika from Hungary