February 17, 2013

partners coming soon!!

Hello ladies!!
I'm sorry for being late with our list of partners but I'm still waiting for a couple of email replies =/
I need 2 confirmations before assigning partners...
Hope you won't mind to wait a little longer... More 24 hours, is that ok? =)

So far, we have:
. Nia
. Valma
. Cucki
. Olli
. Angel
. Heather
. Judith
. Joey
. Noni
. Annette
. Lentochka
. Eleana

Hugs, Nia


Heather said...

Yes that's fine! I'm waiting on threads to arrive for my exchange piece as some of my threads seems to have grown legs and ran off lol!! I shall be busy stitching away come Wednesday :-)

LittleStar07 said...

Oh Yeah~ I almost near to forget this~ LOL, because I celebrate Chinese New Year last week... Now have to pack the moody back and start stitching~ Already decided which cute pic for this exchange after decided sign-in... ^^

Valma said...

here...everything is ready to post =D
Whoever my partner is...I hope it will bring smile and love =D
Can't wait

Francesca Violetta said...

I'm very sorry I'm not in this Eastern exchange but some troubles kept me far from web and blogs. I hope to partecipate to the next exchange!
Have a lot of fun
big hugs to all of you