February 21, 2013

Easter exchange * Mail post alert

Hello ladies!!
I think everyone is on track for our exchange, all info was sent, some of us have our parcel ready to post and others are stitching their gifts! :)

I just want to leave you a small note about our deadline to post.
Please, consider to where you will be posting your parcel and manage your posting time. If you have to send to a country far away, post soon please!! If you have to send somewhere close, same country our same continent, in that case you can wait a little more so it won't arrive too soon ;) heheheh
Manage your delivery time, ok? Let's make an effort so everyone will receive their gifts on time, before Easter bunny arrives!! LOL :D

Hugs to all!!


Valma said...

hehehehe, it reminds me of a mail I sent you beginning of the week =D
Sure I'll arrive before Easter Bunny =)

Heather said...

I will be ready to post beginning of the week :-)

Stitching Noni said...

Mine will be in the mail on Tuesday. Was waiting on something to arrive with the postie this week to finish off my little piece. I hope that the package will arrive at it's destination in time to meet the Easter Bunny :o)

Heather said...


♥ Nia said...

Heather sorry for my late reply =/ list updated! thank you for letting me know ;)

Noni thank you for letting us know sweetie! :)

hugs to all!! :D