February 11, 2013

#1 february update

SAL #4
I'm so happy to see new starts here :D I haven't started my Puppy Love yet but after seeing your pictures... I really want to do it! :) That's the good thing about SALs: motivation! Seeing everyone else's work makes me want to start mine too :) Thank you ladies ;)

Old SALs
Rita finished her Santa from SAL #2, double congrats because Rita didn't give up even though she didn't have the chance to finish on time!! Well done :D
Has anyone else finished their works? There's a list for each SAL on the right sidebar, check your name and let me know if there's anything to update ;)

Easter Exchange
Mine is ready!! :D How about yours?
Since we have a calendar for the year, we can start our gifts early, we don't have to wait to know who our partner is. Exchanges outside fan groups it's different, we want to know who our partner is because we want to make something that our friend will enjoy. Here it's different, we alreay know everyone is a Margaret Sherry lover ;) So, don't want for the last day, ok? :)
My parcel is ready, if I have to send far away I can post next Monday; if it goes to Europe then I will wait a little so it won't arrive to early ;) I'm ready for any case! hehehe
Partners will be published next weekend!!! :D

Have a great week!!


Annette said...

I'm still looking what kinds of pattern I will use for it!!

Valma said...

we are starting to see very cute puppies, very well done ladies =)
can't wait to see the exchanges...
happy stitching everybody
hugs from France

Stitching Noni said...

Old SAL's - still stitching Summer. Once that is done then I will have finished them all... except for the final finishing of course...

SAL #4 - oops sorry not started yet. I meant to start it but so far I haven't quite got there. Love the puppies that have been appearing so far :o)

Easter Exchange - stitching is finished and I will be making it up over the weekend then it will be all ready to go in the post. :o) Can't wait to see who my partner is!

♥ Nia said...

thank you for letting me know ladies! :)

Annette, if you need any help, if you have questions, you know you can right to me anytime ;)

Noni, thank you for the info! I have you on the list with the 3rd cat done, so it's all correct :)
I started my SAL this week heheheh I'm sure you'll start yours soon too ;)
Well done! :D

Dinny Ristinia said...

Have a great new SAL & exchange, ladies!
I'm still a bit behind on my SAL #3...
I still need a lot to catch up!
Happy stitching!