February 6, 2013

All my cats

After A long time I have just found the time to show you all my cats.
It was such a pleasure to do these little cats and  stiching did my day in a hard time.
These little cats mades me smile so often during their finishing.Thanks M.Sherry for these characters.

I really enjoy being in this group. Although not writing so much I do enjoy reading all postings and it help me. Thanks for this.

All the best for you all


Valma said...

they are all very cute
very well done
congrats on finishing this SAL =)
happy stitching
big hugs from France

Anonymous said...

they are all lovely, did you make them into little cushions? very sweet

cucki said...

aww they all so cuteeeeeeeee x

Anne said...

Very cute cats! Glad you are here and enjoying stitching MS! She is a wonderful designer I think. Happy stitching!! :)

Angel said...

Such cute cats!!
Well done!!

Stitching Noni said...

Well done on finishing the SAL. They all look so adorable. Love the finishes :)