February 19, 2013

Easter exchange * Partners list

Here is the list for our Easter Exchange!! :D
(1 sends to 2, 2 sends to 3... 12 sends to 1)

1. Lentochka
2. Joey
3. Cucki
4. Eleana
5. Annette
6. Olli
7. Nia
8. Heather
9. Angel
10. Valma
11. Judith
12. Noni

I want to share with you how I assign partners for each exchange, I don't choose who gets who, I use random.org to make a random list (list randomizer option).
I also have a list of all our previous exchanges where I keep track of all our partnerships so far. I check the new random list with our history and I make sure no one repeats again. This is just to assure that everyone gets a chance to exchange with a new partner.
It's a big list by now, looks something like this...

...and it goes on to the right! :p hehehe
Curious about colored rows? It's just a note of failed exchanges and that kind of thing. I think there's no need for this to be public but if everyone would like to see this on our group, let me know, I will work on a way to publish somewhere.

Now, you will receive your partner's address by email and you can post anytime :) Make sure you will do it before the deadline March 1st!!

Don't forget the rules: don't post any photo before your partner receives your gift. Send an email to msherrylovers@gmail.com, let me know that you have posted you parcel + attach pictures so I can post our flashback in the end ;)

Have fun!!! :D
Hugs to all!!

UPDATE 19-02-2013 18:16
Emails sent! Everyone should have all info now ;)
Please, if someone didn't receive my email, let me know!

PS: Olli is right :) No photos from Olli for me hehehe not before I receive her gift ;) LOL


Annette said...

Thank you so much Nia.
I will make something for Olga

cucki said...

thank you deary x

Olli said...

hahaha...... no pictures from me ... hihihi and no message about sending.... :))))

Valma said...

what a job ! thank you sweetie
hope everything will be OK
I'm so iiiiiiiiiiimpatient to see all the beauties =D
have fun girls...and Judith...I hope you'll love =)
big hugs from France

♥ Nia said...

You're right Olli!! :D heheheh

Check your email box ladies ;) Hope everyone has their partner's info by now :)

Have fun!!! I'm going to post my parcel right away :D

Heather said...

I received my email thanks xxx Wow you put tons of work into organising this for us. Thank you so very much xxx

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, you are very organised... which is probably a good thing :o) Can imagine there is a bit of work with these exchanges now!! Thank you for doing this for us all - it's great to be sending and receiving from new people - new friendship are being born all the time :o)
Partner email received.
Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful postie deliveries as they appear. Good luck everyone, have fun :o)
Hugs xx

Angel said...

That is great!
I am so excited to see all the wonderful ms designs!
I hope you will like your package Valerie;-)

hugs Angele

Musicwoman said...

I also get my adress and I do hope that LEONIE do like my post. I#LL try to post it by time. But as I had an operation last week I hope that I can fulfill my duty in time.
NIA, thanks for all your work and I am so excited to see all your nice stiching pieces.
to you all

мамаДаника said...

I understand that it is not involved?
What a pity!

lentochka said...

I got the address! Thank you very much!)

Anne said...

Thanks so much for doing the exchanges Nia! Hope we don't see too much colour on the chart!! I have just started my stitching for the next exchange in summer!! Yay! :)