May 2, 2012

What if someone fails on their exchange?

There was no rule before because I didn't expect for something like this to happen, unfortunately, we have one friend who didn't receive her exchange parcel. More than one month has passed since the deadline so I think we can give that as a lost situation.

You all know there are no restrict rules on deadlines for our SALs, the date is set to motivate everyone to stitch and for us to have fun knowing that our friends are stitching the same thing. But life happens, we all have jobs and other things to take care, hobbies come next. So, if you can't reach the goal it's ok, just try to catch up as soon as you can. The only rule is to stitch and have fun while doing it :) Remember, I'm talking about SALs.

When it comes to exchanges, that's different. We are not stitching for ourselves, we are assuming a commitment to send a gift to another friend. A friend who will do the same thing and who will be waiting for the mailman to bring her something too :) It's important to respect the dates, that means you're respecting your partner too.

Again, life happens! I know! If you can't do it on time, just send an email to me or to your partner. Takes only two minutes to write an email and let someone know that you weren't able to post on time but it's not forgotten.

But.. if nothing is said, what should we do?
I will assume the responsibility and send a parcel to our friend who's waiting with her empty mailbox. No sad faces around here =)
I also think that the person who failed, should not sign in again for any other exchange, do you agree? She can continue on the blog, post her works, stitch for SALs but no exchanges allowed. What do you think? Please, it's a group blog so feel free to share you opinion too :)


Valma said...

Nia, send me the name and address of our friend who didn't receive anything...
I'll send something too, maybe I won't have time to stitch something, but I'll send gifts ♥

I totally agree with what you said, because I would have been very sad if nothing had been sent to me :(
It doesn't respect our partner !
Hope our friend won't stop to enter such exchanges because of this event :(


dulcinella said...

Nia, I agree with you, although sometimes there can be a reason this happens. In this case I sure would think there would come an explanation. However, maybe we can make a list of a few of us who would take over if this happens? I don't think it should be you alone taking this responsibality. Like Valma, I would be happy to help and send presents, it's just the stitched MS piece I wouldn't be able to get finised:-)) Hugs to you

Laura said...

mee too I agree with's simple to send an e-mail and tell you that a problem will causes a delay...mee too will send a little present to Noni (it's right???)she was very nice with me...send me her address please!!!

♥ Nia said...

Sweet ladies, thank you all ♥ :)
I will email everyone ;)

Anonymous said...

You remember what happened when Svetlana and I were delayed trade?, I think it makes sense to think that sometimes mail us a bad move. But maybe we can do is take a picture of the postal bill and say "SENT" to avoid reaching that misunderstanding and misspelling the packet is lost.
And if the case is lost, as a symbolic forward.
What do you think?

Francesca Violetta said...

Nia, I agree with you!! I understand that in our life things can change from a day to another, but it's very easy to write few words to explain the reasons of delay, this is to respect people who joined the exchange.

For Noni, I'd like to send her a small present to make her happy and forget this no good exchange.

♥ Nia said...

Eleana, this post is not about delayed packages. Sometimes we just have to wait a bit for the mailman, we know :) This post is about when an exchange parcel is NOT SENT! Not the same thing as a delayed package sweetie =/

Francesca, thank you Francesca :)

Stitching Noni said...

Hello Ladies! Oh my goodness me... I can't believe this! I have been pondering what to say to you all for offering to send me something for the Spring Exchange.. and I truly can't think of what to say that will cover how I feel - except a really big THANK YOU! You are wonderful.... but please don't feel you have to send me anything to replace what I haven't received this time around. My disappointment at not having a visit from the postie is far outweighed by the love and friendship that is in our little blog group :o) But I do so appreciate that you want to send me something - thank you :o) x
I do hope that Lorraine is ok... It is hard to know what the situation is when no-one has heard from her. Hopefully she will get in touch with us again soon.

Now, for my two pennies worth on Nia's comments... I think that if we are unfortunate to have a defaulter on an exchange I am more than happy to send to the person who missed out. Exchanges are such fun and it is disappointing when something happens to take the shine off it. I also agree with Nia's suggestion that the defaulter shouldn't sign up for another exchange - they are still part of the blog circle and can post, but maybe not be in the exchanges... I think that is also what happens with some of the other blog exchanges as well.

The main key to exchanges working is communication - we always need to let Nia (and our partners) know what is happening - especially if we are going to be late sending or have changed our minds about being in the exchange. That way we avoid any misunderstandings as well... Life does get in the way sometimes and things happen but we need to stay in contact!

Thank you again for being so wonderful and generous! ;o) and thank you Nia for organising these wonderful exchanges.
Can't wait for the next one!
Lots of hugs, Noni x

♥ Nia said...

Noni, I agree with you, that's how we will roll from now on ;) Hopefully it won't happen again but if it does...

All these kind ladies just make my heart smile!!! :D

amber said...

There are a lot of craft swaps on and I believe sometimes they have "swap angels". What this means is that when an exchange is going on those who have time to do some extra stitching privately email the organizer and the organizer appoints them an angel. Then if someone fails to deliver during the exchange, the angel swoops in and sends what they've made to the person who would otherwise be without a gift. I think it's up to the individual groups whether it is announced who is acting as angels, or if they just send their packages anonymously.

Swap angels may be participating in the exchange and have a partner themselves (which means they have to get 2 things done) , or they may just be stitching in time with the deadline for the exchange, and if no angel is needed they keep whatever they made.

Anyways that's one way of handling the situation that we could consider. I personally don't have time to be an angel for the summer exchange, but it's something I'd be willing to consider for future exchanges.

And as to how we handle the person who didn't send a package. I agree, if no package is sent and we haven't had any communication from the person who was supposed to send it, then they shouldn't be permitted to take part in future exchanges. Perhaps, if contact had been made and the person had explained why they didn't send, then we could look at those situations on a case by case basis. But with no communication at all, I wouldn't feel comfortable trusting the person in another exchange.