May 7, 2012

weekly news #11

Spring Exchange
Olimpia got Judith's parcel! Uhuuu :D
This exchange is almost finish, unfortunately we still don't know anything from Lorraine =/ but Noni won't have to wait much longer to receive a surprise on her mailbox :) Stitchers are the kindest ♥ Thank you ladies =)

Summer Exchange
We have 16 stitchers :D For our Christmas exchange we made double partners and for Spring exchange we had a chain... how do you prefer? Doubles or chain? Let me know and I will publish the list the way the majority votes ;)

New Author
Welcome Lija from UK!!! :D


dulcinella said...

I don't have any preference:-) Just curious to know who I'm going to send to. I like knowing who I'm searching things for...

Rita said...

I also don't have any special preference.:) You choose!;)

Stitching Noni said...

Nia, like the girls above I don't really have a preference. But seeing as we did a chain last time let's do Doubles this time. :o)
Happy to go with the majority though

Great news that the little package from Judith made it to Olimpia! And thank you to the wonderful ladies that have offered to drop a little package into my mailbox :o) You are all wonderful - I am still smiling!!

Francesca Violetta said...

very happy for Olimpia and welcome to the new!
for the exchange, I hope only one thing: that persons who are in will be glad to send to partners something to make them happy!

Lija said...

I vote for chain ... the image of a joint circle/chain has it's geometrical and metaphorical appeal to me.

Cris and Crafts said...

Since I've never been a part of an exchange I will be happy with whatever you think it's better!

Musicwoman said...

I have no preference.
It all depends on the others.

And I am so happy that O. get her parcel.

Have a nice day

Valma said...

you will have to toss =D
Xmas Partners, Spring chain.. Summer partners and Autumn chain =D
Anyway we will be very happy =D

Olimpia said...

Tnanks my parcel is very nice.

I don´t have preference, but a thinks my vote ii for doubles.

Welcome Lija.