May 5, 2012

Spring Exchange

Hi girls!

Today the postman touched my door, my exchange spring arrived after a long wait.

I want to thank Judith so sent me, everything is very nice, thank you very much.

As always, the photos do not do the work justice, but Judith's work is impeccable.

Thank you very much again, I'm thinking about the place where it will look like my crazy cow.

Happy weekend.



Lija said...

wow! looks very good

Valma said...

how lovely =D
Great stitching from Judith
it's worth waiting such a gift =D
hugs from France

Musicwoman said...

I am a so happy that it reached you finally.
Thank God.
I had such a fun doing it for you and as you like it I am so happy.

But I don't know why it lasts 4 weeks to reach you.
At the same date I posted to USA and this lasts only 8 days.
Nevertheless it arrived you now and you like it. Hurrayyyyyyyyy....

to all of you

Stitching Noni said...

Thank goodness this lovely gift arrived safe & sound. It sure did take an awful long time! But definitely worth the wait I'm sure! Well done to Judith - great piece - love the cow. Well done Olimpia - great exchange ;0)

♥ Nia said...

Uhuuuuu!! Your package arrived! :D
And it was worth waiting for, great exchange from Judith! :)