May 2, 2012

weekly news #10

Spring Exchange
Olimpia and Noni are still waiting to receive their parcel =/
. Judith (aka MusicWoman) please check on your post office, try to know something about the package you've sent. More than one month later, Olimpia should have received your package already. Try to get some information with your post service, please.
. No news for Noni, unfortunately I didn't get any reply from Lorraine, I sent more than one email, wrote on her blog and nothing back =( I will put on my pixie shoes and send a Spring parcel to Noni ;)

Summer Exchange
If you haven't signed in, there's still time until the weekend! To read the original post click here :)

SAL #3
We still have stitchers joining the fun! :D I hope to see some more Spring and Summer cats soon ;)

New Authors
Please, welcome Kat (Portugal), Cris (Portugal) and Ariena (Malaysia) who joined our group on the last couple of weeks! :D


Valma said...

Welcome new friends =D
Hope you'll have as much fun as we have :)
I started my summer exchange this weekend hehehehe :)
still have the summer cat to do !
as usual... I'm a busy bee with a 'todo' list which is always growing =D
But I'll be on time :)
Happy stitching girls
Hugs from France

Cris and Crafts said...

Thank you for your warm welcome, I hope I don't let you down. I already started my summer exchange also.

dulcinella said...

Welcome to all the new members. i still have to start my summer cat and my spring cat, but I have kitted it all up, so I'll be stitching this weekend. Also I decided what to do for summers exchange, so I hopefully have time enough to get it all done in time:-)

Olimpia said...

Hi Girls,

Nia, thanks for the follow-up. Judith can you sent me the traking number?, please....

New friends, WELCOME!!!

Last week-end I decided my MS desing for summer exchange. I think that I´ll start on next week-end.

Good day!!!!

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome to our newbies! I have signed up for the summer exchange & have 2 designs in mind but just need to get my head around what I am going to do as the final finish & that will then most likely determine the final design. I am yet to start my second cool cat. So busy busy this month ;0) but all good!