May 5, 2012

Spring cat finished! yeahh:D

Hello ladies:)

How are you doing all? Great, i hope :) So, a little bit after the deadline ("just" almost 2 months later:p), i managed to finish the Spring cat:)

I used Mill Hill Beads for the eyes:)

Now i will work on our Summer exchange and then i'll start the Summer cat!:)

Have a great weekend girls!


Valma said...

so lovely cat =D
bravo Rita
you're not late, you did it :D
Maybe we'll be partners for the Summer exchange hehehe =D
happy stitching

dulcinella said...

It's lovely and you're not the last one:-) Happy stitching

Stitching Noni said...

A finish is a finish & you're not really late at all! I love your spring kitty. Great idea to use beads for his eyes rather than the dreaded French knots!! Well done on a lovely finish. ;0)

♥ Nia said...

You did it and there's still lot of time for Summer cat ;) No worries! heheheh
Great work sweetie =)

Melly said...

So lovelly! I like it very much!