April 14, 2012

weekly news #9

Hello everyone! Let's see what's new this week :D

Spring Exchange
I'm waiting for Lorraine's reply to my email, I'm not sure if her parcel was already sent or not. Everyone else posted :)
Still waiting to receive: Olimpia, Francesca, Lu, Lorraine and Noni. I hope Mr. Postman will bring you a surprise soon!!

Summer Exchange
Who's ready for another exchange?? :D
Something but with a Summer theme, would you like to do it? :)

SAL #3
Lu, Alice7610 and I, we've all finished our second cat :) What about you ladies?

New Author
This week we have one more friend joining our group! Welcome Dulcinella from Belgium :)


EXPU said...

An exchange! I love and above all meet, I join the initiative in summer

Francesca Violetta said...

Me too I'm still waiting for the spring exchange!

dulcinella said...

Thanks for the welcome! I love to follow this blog as all these animals are so adorable. Also I would very much to join the SAL 3, but seems I'll need to catch up a bit:-)
I also would love to do participate in the summer exchange!

♥ Nia said...

Eleana, I will make a new post for the Summer exchange and I will add you name to list! :)

Francesca, I missed you on the Spring exchange list, sorry sweetie =) Updated now! :)

Dulcinella, you're in for our SAL#3! I'm sure you'll catch up, no problem ;)
Like I told Expu above, I will make a new post for this summer exchange and I will add your name to the list as well ;)
Once again, welcome to the group!! Have fun :D

Valma said...

Hellooooooo :)
Welcome Dulcinella
We are almost neighbours =D
I'm in of course for the Summer exchange :)
Have to start my second cat also...a little bit late !
big hugs from France everybody

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome Dulcinelle ;0)
Would love to do another exchange. Still have to start my next cool cat which I will do this week.

Rita said...

Hello!! I'm alive!:D
My spring cat is almost coming out...he's a little lasy:D

I would love to also participate in a summer exchange but only if the deadline isn't very short:(

kisses and welcome Dulcinella:)

Lija said...

I am interested in the summer exchange. But first ... what are the rules? I guess we'll be paired up with a partner ... and do we stitch something for them or send a kit? And what size should it be?

♥ Nia said...

Lija, everything about the summer exchange is on the next post here: http://msherrylovers.blogspot.pt/2012/04/summer-exchange.html
Please, read it and let us know if you have any questions :)