April 20, 2012

Spring exchange

Hi! I received a yellow big envelope directly from Mexico from the dear Olimpia and these are the beautiful items she sent to me!

Look at the towel, I love this spring bunny, so cute! Olimpia took for me a purple towel, she find out that it's my favourite colour!


Hugs and kisses from a wet Italy....



Valma said...

there are only black pictures on my computer, can't see what you received....
I'm going to have a look at your blog :)

Olimpia said...

Hi Francesca,

I'm glad you've finally received, but the photos are not also go straight to your blog.


Dinny Ristinia said...

That's a lovely package you've got!
Olimpia sent you adorable stuffs!

Lesley said...

That is a lovely package.I love the towel :)

Lija said...

Photos are good. Nice package!

dulcinella said...

Beautiful package. I guess you were very happy with it! Oh, is it raining in Italytoo?:-(

ps I can see the photo's!

Olimpia said...


It´s good to know than finally you receive de package.

I hope you enjot it so much.

I still waiting for mine.

Regards and happy week end for everyone.

Valma said...

I can see the pictures now =D
So super !!!
One more great part in this exchange
Bravo Olimpia and happy for you Francesca :)
big hugs

Fara Azmi said...

lovely lovely lovely....

♥ Nia said...

Lovely parcel from Olimpia!! :D
You all know I'm a fan of those cute bunnies ;) ehheheeh

Stitching Noni said...

What a great package! I love the idea of the doing the purple towel!

Unfortunately, like Olimpia, I am still waiting to receive my spring exchange - never mind sure it will be here soon :o)