April 12, 2012

spring gift from Laura :)

Hello ladies! :)
Look what Mr. Postman brought to me from Italy:

Spring Exchange from Laura!! :D Thank you sweetie, thank you for this lovely needlebook and those pins are adorable too! :)


Sarah Beth said...

Beautiful.really very nice. Her mice are so cute.

Alice 7610 said...

Hi :))

Wow, it's amazing :)
Nice work :)

dulcinella said...

what a nice surprise! it's very cute

dulcinella said...

what a nice surprise! it's very cute

Fara Azmi said...


Francesca Violetta said...

Also Laura stitched the little mouse! it's so adorable!!!
still waiting for my exchange

Stitching Noni said...

Adorable! Laura your little mouse is lovely & I love the way you finished him for Nia! Well done to both of you.
Fingers crossed the postie will deliver to me and Francesca soon ;0)

Cris and Crafts said...

Sooooo cute!!!!!

Olimpia said...

Hi Girls,

I love it!!!

Francesca I hope your exchange play the door soon, i´m waiting for mine too.


Valma said...

That's so lovely !!
Laura really did a cute needlebook and a great stitching
Gorgeous gifts !

Lija said...

Aw it looks sooo good!