April 16, 2012

Spring Cat Finally Finished

Yeay!! I've finally finished stiching up this Spring Cat.
I had trouble doing up the cats' eyes.... It was my 1st attempt doing French knot.
I am very very happy indeed finishing up this piece as this is also my 1st SAL ever.
Now, next to the 2nd cat.

Love always,


Valma said...

Well done Fara :)
You're not the only one to have problem with French knots !
But I can assure you that French people are less difficult than the French knots =D
Hugs from France

Stitching Noni said...

Beautiful kitty! French knots can be tricky - sometimes mine look fine & other times they are just a knot......

Fara Azmi said...

Hi Valma & Stiching Noni,

Thanks for the compliments..

EXPU said...

A cute kitten, and victorious and beautiful eyes.
Sometimes I also I have problems with French knots, so to make use pincushions eyes or black-colored beads, the kind that are used to make jewelry or necklaces.
Try it for the next kitten.

Dinny Ristinia said...

Congrats Fara!
You did great with the knots though ..
Well, I also made several attemps before I was finally satisfied. Practice makes perfect!


Lesley said...

I love him:)beautiful stitching.

♥ Nia said...

uhuu!! One more ready :D Congrats on your finish Fara!!