March 19, 2012

weekly news #7

Good morning everyone!! I wish you all a great week :D
Here some updates about our group:

Spring Exchange
I didn't get any reply from Jodi so I add to move our list =/ Judith is sending to Olimpia instead of sending to Jodi.
Parcels already sent: Amber, Noni and mine :)
Who else has finished? Look out, deadline coming on the 21st ;)

SAL #3
Another deadline coming in two days and only 5 stitchers have finished the first task :p Come on ladies, let's grab those needles and stitch this cute Spring cat =) He is so adorable that you will want to start Summer cat right away too :p hehehe

Authors and Followers
No new authors on the group this week but our blog followers keep growing and growing! Welcome all visitors :D We hope you're enjoying our blog and feel free to join too, just send an email to :)


Valma said...

My card is ready =D
I'll sent it this afternoon....

♥ Nia said...

List updated! :)

Valma, I saw your email, I will reply to you later tonight ;) Hugs to you sweetie!! :D

Stitching Noni said...

At the pointy end of the Spring Exchange now - can't wait to see what everyone has stitched and sent!

Nia, have just about finished the kitty in SAL #3 - just doing the final bit of backstitch today :o)

raised by cross stitching wolves said...

The past 2 weeks I've been jumping through hoops to get my new job. Phone interviews, first and second face-to-face interviews, background checks, drug screening, orientation and I still have about a week of computerized training ahead of me. My stitching hours have suffered a little, but I'm still trying to get my card finished up. I'm almost finished with the stitching, then it will be quick to finish and post. I have to give up on the SAL #3, but I'm finishing my exchange gift. hugs to you all! ~ Lorraine