March 3, 2012

weekly news #5

New authors
So many new friends with us!! Let's welcome Fara Azmi (Malaysia), Precidis-Kamila (Polland), Maria (Sweden), Sâmia (Brazil), Bruna (Brazil) and Luciana (Brazil) :D

SAL #3
The list of stitchers keeps growing and growing :)
Please, if you have signed for this activity, check the list on the blog sidebar and let me know in case your name is missing!

Spring Exchange
13 inscriptions until today :D This is going to be fun!!!
We need one more to make pairs, do we have one more friend with us???? :D


Annette said...

Your running a great blog Nia....

Stitching Noni said...

How wonderful our little blog is getting better and better. Thank you Nia for looking after us so well with this wonderful blog :o)

Olli said...

Nia, I send you e-mail!


♥ Nia said...

Thank you ladies =))) I'm happy with that! :D

Sâmia said...

Thank you for having accepted me!