March 23, 2012

Spring exchange update!

Hi ladies! I hope you are all having a fun Friday!! :D

Did everyone have fun making this exchange??? :)
When your partner receives your parcel, feel free to post it!

Olimpia and Laura will send next week, Lorraine is a bit behind but working on her parcel too, just missing to know something about Lu and Judith. Ladies, please, don't forget to send me an email and also a picture from what you're sending ;)

Let me just say that I've seen really pretty parcels! You did a great job ladies!! I was thinking on something that would be easily shipped on an envelope or a small package but.. I've seen parcels to fit a nice box! hehehe
Mine was smaller.. looks like I will have to make it up to my partner and learn to make it better next time :p Judith got mine:

I stitched three bunnies for myself and I picked my fave to stitch again for Judith :) I made an ornament and in my house I will have ornaments too, for my Easter tree! It was a small package but I hope it made my partner smile =)


Irishenchantment said...

Super cute <3

Valma said...

How cute =D
This bunny was my favourite too, and I'm sure your partner will be very happy to receive it !
Something made with love and care always gives pleasure =D
Big hugs

Stitching Noni said...

How gorgeous! Such a cute bunny! I love the finish as an ornament ;0). Good things come in small packages! Your partner will adore it - I know I do!

Stitching Noni said...

Oops forgot to say that I have really enjoyed this exchange and thank you Nia for organizing it. It has been great fun & I can't wait to see all the different things everyone has stitched & put together! ;0)

Artes da Jane said...

Nia, my dear,
I sent my email with the cat in the spring, put on the blog for me, please kiss

Alice 7610 said...

Hi Nia,

So lovely and cute :)
Make me feel so happy :D

Nice work!
Hugs and kiss

raised by cross stitching wolves said...

Wow! I love the MS mice, and your egg shaped ornament is adorable!!! Your partner will love this, I'm sure!
Could you email me the addy for my partner in this exchange? Sorry, I can't find the original email.
hugs! Lorraine

Cris and Crafts said...

How adorable!!!!