March 19, 2012

A cat embroider hard

The cats and I have never been good friends, and I think this time was no exception.
To begin with I could not find all the colors and had to avail myself of some who were at home.

I repeated four times and once embroidered cloth ended minced (you know, when they become temperamental cats tear it all).
But we made up and the latter were not so bad.

I'll watch for the next challenge in May.
And I hope the kitten is better summer flea me.
Until next time.



Stitching Noni said...

Good on you for not giving up on kitty! They are worth it in the end - well done! The pink flowers look so pretty :o)

Valma said...

The colours you chose for the flowers are fine =D
As Noni said, bravo for not having giving up :)
good job

Anonymous said...


Your kitty is looking lovely!