March 10, 2012

weekly news #6

Latest design
Is anyone stitching this cutie?? :D

He's adorable!!! =)
From the current issue of The World of Cross Stitching magazine! :D

Spring Exchange
Is everyone on track? Getting ready to post your parcels? :)
I'm still waiting to hear from Jodi, if I don't get a reply during the weekend, we will have to move the list. We can set that MusicWoman (Judith) will send to Olimpia instead of sending to Jodi.

From time to time, someone asks about our SALs from last year, so new friends are stitching those charts and joining the stitchers who haven't finish yet! We may see some new finishes from Culinary Cats soon :)
You can see the lists with all participants on the right sidebar.

Spring Contest
Remember my idea for a contest? It's on stand by for now, I'm waiting to see some magazine with a Margaret Sherry's design that it's not a cat :p hehehehe Just to change a little, we've stitched cats for all our previous activities, it would be fun to pick something different this time :)


Becky said...

What about stitching something with the mice or one of the characters like Ellie May?

Valma said...

great great great =D
Don't know why but I love the idea of stitching something else than a cat =D
hehehehe (Sorry Noni ♥)
Next Cross Stitch Crazy issue (15/03) will have some MS designs too...
My card for the Spring exchange will be ready by the end of the week I think..I hope...I'm sure =D
Big hugs from France

Stitching Noni said...

My spring exchange is stitched, I just need to "finish" it which I will do this weekend & then it will be in the mail on Monday! I saw that gorgeous kitty in the latest WOCS - think it will be on my list to stitch!
As much as I love the MS cats I agree it would be nice to stitch something different - maybe Archie or a hedgehog!

Blossom said...

I went to Jo-annes and they did not have #163 Cross stitch Krazy.. just #161.. and they did not have The World of Cross Stitch with Margaret Sherry's new cat... I am hoping they get them in soon...

♥ Nia said...

Good suggestion too Becky! :D

I just need something that comes out in a magazine so everyone can buy it. Old issues are not available anymore and not everyone has them so... we need something current.

Cross Stitch Crazy has some cute designs this month! I wish I had seen that sooner! Becky already stitched it, probably it wouldn't be fun to stitch the same again =) hehehe