August 30, 2016

Here's my 2 done...

Wow, the camera has been acting up lately but these colours are way off! lol  Anyway, here's the little mouse I stitched but not finished up yet.  Not sure what I shall do with it as I already have the 3 mice designs stitched and as a hanging.   This Party Animal is the 3rd one I've done from the calendar,2008-2009. I think the next one is the dog on a chair.  Anyway, I'm still stitching along and always  love to get back to stitching the calendar ones.  I also have the Christmas Cat with tree, which I purchased a few years ago when Margaret Sherry was available as pdf online for a while.(I purchased at least 6-7 at that time.  It was nice to have them available so easily.)    I have it in my to-do pile so I hope I get to it soon.  Happy Stitching everyone! :)


Eugenia Maru said...

Hello! time not pass here. As always your embroideries are beautiful.
I leave a hug

Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous :)
Hugs xx