October 5, 2016

Say hello and say yes to xmas exchange

Hi girls!

I just arrive and I can see four post since december, is not fair, all of us had work a lot for this blog and Nia´s effort, where is? She worked a lot for this blog and now, when she is with a baby and one hundred things...we are like the little cricket

Well no more words, somebody is interested in christmas exchange?, Who says I?, I can organize it.

If in this week I see at least six  of us for de xmas exchange, we do it...what you say?

Ok. I hope don´t let down this wonderfull tradiciton of our blog died.




jtc said...

Okay, count me in!

Stitching Noni said...

Hello! I must admit I haven't stitched an MS design for quite awhile... And blogging generally has slowed down. If you can get enough people to do the exchange count me in :)
Hugs xx

Olimpia said...

Thank you Sweeties,

Hope somebody else wants participate.

Happy week end :)

Olimpia said...

Hi girls,

Just three of us for xmas exchange?

I´ll waiting for another five days, octuber 14th, finger cross.


Olimpia said...

Hi girls,

JTC and Noni, just we are three, what you said? If you agree please send me an email.

have a nice week!

Светик said...

If not late,it is possible to join you?

Detallitos de Ysabel said...

I didnt see the post before, but I guess is late to do an exchange now.