March 21, 2014

Easter is coming!


I stitched 2 patterns of MS for easter and i will like to get your opinion about the purple chicken!
Because i dont like the french knots that much i only made the eyes with french knots and did not made them on the eggs.
I think it seems allright without them but what i am curious to your opinions.
Do you think it would look nicer with french knots on the eggs or does it look cute just the way it is right now?

Have a great weekend!


Valma said...

Those hens are too cute :)
great stitching
I so hate French knots too !!!!
the eggs are beautiful like this, but if you want to add that special thing brought by French knots maybe you can put beads here and there or do a backstitch in a different colour ...'s well done :)
the ornament you made me last year will soon come out of the Easter box with the Easter tree :D
big hugs

Musicwoman said...

Hi Angel,
your hens are so cute.
I wouldn't change anything. The eggs are quite good.
Where did you found the pattern?

Julianne said...

Lovely work!

purple24 said...

Cute chickens. They look good to me without the French knots. However, if you want to add something, beads might work. I hate French knots sometimes, also.

cucki said...

Very sweet x

Suzi said...

Nice works, Angel! I think I have to start on the easter designs, I have less than a month :-(

Angel said...

Thank you girls!
Beads are indeed a good idea...i will think about that one!

Sorry Judith, i dont remember how i got these patterns...probably a old cross stitcher magazine.

Ana said...

I like your chickens just like they are. :) You did a great job stitching them. :)

They look very cute even without the french knots. I personally don´t like them. I try to avoid them all the time too. The thing that I do is adding beads to make the eyes instead of the french knots. Nia taught me that trick.:)

Judith, about the pattern, it's from a old Cross Stitcher magazine. I don´t own it but you can find it on the internet. I did. :)


Angel said...

Thank you Ana, nice to read there are more people that dont like the french knots;-)

Musicwoman said...

Thanks for your tips. Now I have found the chickens.

May be I can do them in the next year.

Stitching Noni said...

So cute! I love your little Easter chickens and I don't think you notice the missing french knots :o)

♥ Nia said...

Such pretty stitching :) great work!
It looks nice just like that, no French knots, there's no need for them :)
But, if you would like to make something 'outside the box' you could attach beads or sequins ;) it depend on what your final piece will be.

Angel said...

Thank you Noni and Nia...think i leave it just the way it is:-)