March 12, 2014

It's never too late for Christmas presents!

This week we came back home from our long winter vacation.  And I was very happy to find the package from my "Secret Santa" Julianne! My mom received it while we were travelling  and she did not want to open it and tell what was incise. And I was very excited to open it!

Julianne, thank you very much for such a beautiful pinkeep. I love these little kittens in mugs. I was going to stitch all of them for my kitchen. So, it's a good start for me! And I love all the presents that you sent to me!

(my little son already stole stickers with cats :)

Nia, thanks for the coordination and your help! It's my first cross-stitch exchange, but it's not last!


Julianne said...


I am so happy you received the package and liked what I stitched for you. I am sorry it was so late in getting there.

I just today received a package my friend in France sent me back in January! Sometimes the mail is so slow but it's so nice that nothing got lost or damaged.

Angel said...

Indeed never too late to get such a sweet package, enjoy!

Jules said...

Agreed! It's never too late and Julianne did a great job!

Debbie Vermeulen said...

That is such a lovely gift! What a nice surprise.

Valma said...

Xmas spirit is with us all year long , indeed it's never too late or too early to receive such beautiful gifts =D
you got spoiled and Julianne really did a very sweet piece for this exchange
enjoy :)

Stitching Noni said...

Just goes to show that It's Christmas time all year round!!!
Your package from Julianne is gorgeous :) love the kitty in the mug :)
Hugs x