June 18, 2013

update!! :)

Blogversary Exchange
Uhuuuuu! First parcel will be posted today :D
That's how I like it ;) heheheh I have the first photo, from Anne to Deb, our exchange is officially in action :D

. Valma
. Joey
. Heather
. Lentochka
. Cucki
. Amber
. Simone
. Judith
. Angel
. Olli
. Gislene
. Rita
. Fara
. Noni
. Anne - Posted!!
. Deb Jochim

2013 Easter Exchange
Lentochka posted her parcel to Joey with registration, unfortunately, she's been trying to get more info to track her package and nothing =/ Lentochka is considering to start working on a second package, the first is probably lost..
So, it's sad that Joey is still waiting but we know that sometimes the post office doesn't work as they should! I had packages lost in the past and I'm sure some of you know that feeling too =/ But I'm not saying that Lentochka failed, she's been working on this, she's been in contact with me, all good. That's the right way to do things :)
Joey, sorry for the delay but don't think that we forgot about you, it was bad luck on the mail but you'll get your gift! :)

2012 Winter Exchange
More good news, Gislene received her first Pixie Parcel, from Valérie :)
Mail in Brazil takes a lot of time, there are more packages on the way, I'll keep you updated ;)

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Valma said...

Parcel to Gislene was longer to arrive than to Simone ! we had a world record this time =)
I'm happy she well received it and enjoyed, I'll post pictures
I'll finish my piece this week and it will leave next week...
have fun everybody