June 13, 2013

Blogversary Exchange » last call !!!

Last call to enter our next exchange!!
You can read more about it here. Two more days to sign up, I will publish partners on Sunday 16th :)

Who's in:
. Valma
. Cucki
. Olli
. Angel
. Anne
. Heather
. Gislene
. Judith
. Joey
. Noni
. Rita
. Fara
. Lentochka
. Deb Jochim
. Amber
. Simone

Anyone noticed my name missing? I apologize to the group but this time (for the very-very-first time!!) I won't be participating on our exchange =/ Sorry ladies!
I'm behind on my stitching and goals, sooooo behind!! Of course I'm still here coordenating everything and checking in ;) I'm going to pull all your ears if you don't finish and post your parcel on time!! Are you hearing me?? :p heheheh I really hope this time we won't have missing parcels to anyone!

If someone fails the deadline, I will assume the responsability to send a parcel in her behalf. That's the main reason why I can't participate this time, it's difficult to do it all :p So, I will try to have a pixie parcel ready to ship, if no one needs it, I'll save it for another occasion ;)

DON'T FORGET: Posting until July 1st


Valma said...

June 1st ??
I'm late =D
hahahaha, too busy mind
such a pity you can't participate but I understand

Anne said...

I understand being behind, Will miss you in the exchange though. Take care and I will definitely be on time to mail!! :)

♥ Nia said...

July! July!! Sorry Valérie =) So much on my mind!! I told you ;) heheheh

I would love to have some fun but time isn't enough for everything =( I'll be working on pixie gifts =) I want to play safe this time, don't want no one feeling sad with an empty box! heheheh

but I'm here! Always! :) I'll be coordenating everything ;)

Angel said...

To bad your not in Nia, but i understand.
Looking forward to see the pictures of the lovely parcels!

Stitching Noni said...

Sorry to hear that you're not entering this one... We will miss you. But good to know that you are in charge of everything and will keep us all on track :)