June 4, 2013

Blogversary Exchange » free theme

Hello ladies! There's a new exchange starting :)

On our last exchange, Joey is waiting for her gift but we are trying to solve that. Her partner, Lentochka, sent it with registration so we need to find more info about where the package is. I'm sure this will be fix soon! We all know that snail mail is not the most effective :p In this case, it's not a question about someone not sending, it was posted, not the same case as we had before.

Theme: free!! You can pick any design you'd like to stitch!
Sign up until: June 15th
Partners published: June 16th
Posting deadline: July 1st

What to send:
1 handmade » you can finish as you want!!
+4 extra gifts » fabrics, buttons, ribbons, threads, any craft supply! Or you can add stationery like pens, notebooks, anything pretty and cute that you would lie too :)

. Nia
. Valma
. Cucki
. Olli
. Angel
. Anne
. Heather
. Gislene
. Judith
. Joey
. Noni
. Rita
. Fara
. Lentochka
. Deb Jochim

I trust that everyone on this list will assume the commitment and post their parcel until JULY 1ST!!!
If you have any problem on your life, work, health, anything that won't allow you to post on time, please, write to msherrylovers@gmail.com. I will send a package in your behalf. I really don't want anyone waiting for gifts that don't arrive or arrive too late. We are all grown ups, we can do this right, ok?

Have fun making your parcel and be happy to send it because you know your partner will smile :) So.. don't miss the deadline:: July 1st!!!


cucki said...

I am all ready :) for fun
Love xxx

Valma said...

I loooooooove this drawing =D
My needle is ready hehehe
big hugs

Preeti said...

Great!! I will just enjoy seeing lovely parcels float across the blogs :) will try to participate from next SAL.

Olli said...

hi-hi-hi :) I'm doing my final adjustments. 'm Very curious about what direction my gift will be traveling. :)

Fara Azmi said...

I'm stitching mine...still in progress. But can't decide on how to finish it..

amber said...

I'd like to join this exchange too! I've sent you an email about this as well Nia. Looking forward to stitching and to checking the mail for surprises!

Anne said...

All ready to go!! :) Happy Happy!!

Stitching Noni said...

Thinking, thinking... and now stitching....
Can't wait to see where in the world this little piece of Australia is going to go this time :o)

simone arrais said...

Nia, por favor, me inclua!!!! quero participar deste aniversário especial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!