November 5, 2012

Winter Exchange - in progress!! :D

Great news!!!! :D The first parcel of our winter exchange has reached its destination! Posting has officially started and packages are travelling the world :)

I'm keeping track on all packages sent and received so, please, don't forget to send me an email saying that you have posted your gift and attach a photo too. I will write a flashback post in the end but everyone can post their gifts, feel free to write here on the blog anytime ;) I won't say who was the first one to receive, you will read her post soon :D hehehehe

Managing our exchange requires some time, please, be patient if I don't reply to your emails right away. I promise I will read and reply to everyone as soon as I get the chance, I won't forget anyone :) And almost every week I'll be here updating ;)

Pay attention to the calendar, don't take to long to post your gift because we want everyone to have their stocking filled before Christmas ;)
Have fun ladies!!


cucki said...


Valma said...

So super =)
can't wait to see the gift =)

Olli said...

hihihihi it is Lucky ME! :)))))))

Francesca Violetta said...

I'have finished to stich my Xmas gift, now I have to sew it but maximum next Tuesday I'm going to send it to my