November 19, 2012

news update #20

Winter Exchange
Packages are travelling through the globe! :D
Is everyone on track?? Is your parcel almost ready to post? November is almost finishing, please, don't take too long to post your parcel because Christmas is coming soon ;) Looks too far away but time flies! :p

Exchange Parcels Sent: 10/22
Exchange Parcels Received: 2/22

SAL #2
Yeah!! One more done! I'm happy to see that Annette finished her SAL :D
Even if you didn't have the time to finish last year, don't give up! We'd love to see some more finishes :) Keep it going!

SAL #3
I'm feeling the cold... anyone stitching Winter Cat? Or, if you live on the side of the globe, are you stitching Summer Cat? I wish I was the one wearing those sunglasses ;) heheheh


Valma said...

Just come back with an update on SAL#3 after this comment =)

For the winter exchange...
I'm part of the 2/22 received =D
May I post it or should I wait a bit that some more have arrived ??

Happy stitching girls
Hugs from France

Stitching Noni said...

Hoping to get my SAL #2 (santa) stitched before the end of the year.
SAL #3 - have now finished the Spring Kitty :o) and just need to do summer... then just need to stitch them up into little pillows
Will post a pic of Spring kitty over the weekend.