September 25, 2012

Winter Exchange

Who's ready for some Christmas fun? :D
For this exchange let's agree on the finished piece, everyone will make an ornament! :)

If you've never made an ornament before, don't be scare, it's really easy, as easy as making a card :) Really!! There are many tutorials online, you can even find one on my blog (DIY round ornament), just search a little and you'll see there are many pretty ways to make a cute ornament ;)

Choose any Margaret Sherry's design you'd like!
+ add 3 extra items for your partner (threads, ribbons, buttons, stickers, etc)
! Do not post photos before your partner receives your parcel, in your blog or here (let it be a surprise)
! When you post it on the mail, send an email to with a photo of all items you've sent
! Let me know when parcels have arrived so I can keep track of every parcel posted/received
! Make sure to say thanks to your partner too ;) As soon as you get a message from your partner, you can post pictures everywhere! :)
! If it's your first exchange here on the group, please, send me your address to
!! PLEASE make sure you only sign in for this exchange if you are sure you will NOT miss the deadline to send, don't let your partner with an empty mailbox on Christmas season, OK?

Secret partners? Yes or no?
If we choose to go with secret partners, you'll know who to send but not from who you'll receive. And we will only post photos when all parcels are delivered or on December 24th (just like we did last year)

❄ October 12th to enter, leave your name on this post
❄ October 14th list of partners will be published here
❄ November 16th to send over seas or November 30th » for example, if you're posting from Europe to Europe, posting at the end of the month it's enough time to be delivered before christmas BUT you should post earlier if your partner is far away

Who's in:
Nia ⁂ Caixinha de Pirlimpimpim
Valma ⁂ Fée le point
Svetlana ⁂ записки курицы
Judith ⁂ (no blog)
Cucki ⁂ Cucki Stitching Cove
Verónica ⁂ Viver por amor
Olli ⁂ Olli's Blog
Noni ⁂ Fireflies & Cats in the Garden
Amber ⁂ Cthulhu crochet and cousins
Brenda ⁂ Binky's Stitching and Stuff
Anne ⁂ Stitchnkey
Angel ⁂ (no blog)
Joey ⁂ Miss Joey Craft
Eleana ⁂ Enhebrando el blog
Rita ⁂ Il Mio Mondo a Colori
Francesca ⁂ Violetta a cross stitch lover
Olimpia ⁂ Olimpinpin...mis labores
Denise ⁂ My stitching corner
Lentochka ⁂ Вещички из чуланчика
Tracey ⁂ Craft, cook and live
Gislene ⁂ Coração em Ponto Cruz
Camille ⁂ (blog??)


Valma said...

Of course I'm in =D
Secret partner...suuuuuuuuper

Светик said...

excellent news! I too want to participate in an exchange

Musicwoman said...

I am so looking forward to this exchange.
So I am in.

I agree in all secret partner or not.It depends on the majority.

Have a nice day


cucki said...

Awww please count me in too..
Secret partner is super fun too :)
Hugs xxx

Viver por Amor said...

I'm in...can i? I'm new here.

Olli said...

Me too! secret partners? o-o-o-o exciting!

Anne said...

Love to join this exchange! :) yay more stitching!! :)

♥ Nia said...

Looks like we are going with secret partners ;) hehehehehe
I'm happy to see so many friends already! :D

viver por amor you are not on our group yet but you're very welcome to join :D I will write to you later today ;)

Anne it's your first exchange with us, right? Please, if you haven't done it yet, send me your address by email ;)

I'm going to wait a few more days for everyone who wants to sign in and then I'll write back to all of you! :)

Stitching Noni said...

I'm in too :)

amber said...

I'm in too. I love making and receiving Christmas ornaments, especially Margaret Sherry ones. Thanks for organizing this Nia!

Secret partners or non-secret, I'm happy either way!

LittleStar07 said...

I want to join!

Angel said...

I'm in!!
I have started already hihi;-)

♥ Nia said...

Welcome to the fun ladies!! :D

Angel and LittleStar07 please, send me your address!!

Eleana Durán said...

Starting to thread the needle and eager to send me mail on November 16.
Fingers crossed for luck on my exchange since the summer ended and received nothing.

♥ Nia said...

Eleana your partner sent the exchange parcel but the package got lost on the mail. She is making a new gift for you and will send again.
Please, we ask for your understanding. You sent your parcel long after the deadline and you got our understanding too. Works both ways.

♥ Nia said...

Eleana, what's your blog link?
The link we have here on the blog, says the blog was removed... do you have another one?

Rita said...

Ohh i hadn't saw this yet :(
I'm in...even if i'm a little scare with the ornament...but, ok, let's go for it :p
Secret partner its funnier, no?..but i agree with the most;)

Francesca Violetta said...

I would like to join this winter exchange!
And a secret partner will be exciting!

♥ Nia said...

More friends joining the fun :D
Rita, you can always count with me, I will help if you need ;)

Olimpia said...

I think, I measured my time and commitments and...yes!! I can participate in the exchange, so I'm in ... I'm excited.

Secret partner is ok.



DQ said...

Okay, please sign me up, it's my first time as well, so I'll send you an email.
I'm also okay with Secret Partners

lentochka said...

This is very interesting! I also want to take part in the exchange of winter.) Thank you very much!)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Good luck, ladies!
As much as I want to join, but my work load is being cruel to me...
Not to mention that I still have 2 Cool Cats to finish...

I pass this time. Looking forward to the next exchange!
Have fun!

Hugs from Indonesia,

Tracey Walker said...

Am I too late?

♥ Nia said...

You're in Tracey :)

Gislene Ellery said...

Nia! I lost the first call....
Can I still say yes....? ;-)

♥ Nia said...

Of course Gislene!! :D
Send me your address ;)

corinne said...

Hello, my name is camille, from france. I love margaret's charts and christmas and giving surprises. Can I join this team ? i hope my english is not too bad.

♥ Nia said...

Time to close our exchange!
More friends joining the fun: Tracey, Gislene and Camille :D

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