September 8, 2012

Cat cool Autumn

Hello friends okay?
It's been three months from my last post here I show my cat cool Auttumn thought coseguia not reach the limit.

Cat Cool  Autumn
 I apologize for the photo is too light can hardly see some colors,do not know what happened to my camera.
Kisses to you and to the next. :)


Anne said...

Love your Cat Cool Autumn. :)

♥ Nia said...

Well done Monica!! You are the first one to finish all 3 cats :D
Hugs to you!!

cucki said...

so cute x

O esconderijo da Mónica said...

I thank all of you friends your comment :)Kisses .

Stitching Noni said...

Looks lovely :o) Well done on finishing number 3 - I have just finished number 2 so better get my skates on!!

Valma said...

what a cute cat again here =)
great job
I really think this one is my favourite within the 4 =)
I'm late with mine =(
2 weeks of vacations and no stitches done
shame on me =)
hugs from France