September 9, 2012

news update #16

Summer Exchange
Marcinha received Eleana's parcel so it's only Eleana who's waiting to receive now. Lu sent her package with registration, it's taking too much time to arrive, she's looking for more information on the post office.

Francesca is back from vacation and a few Pixie Packages were waiting in her mailbox :) There's more on the way! :D

Autumn Exchange
Glad to know that you all agree with me, we will skip Autumn exchange because we're already short on time :p Our last exchange took too long, let's hope that won't happen again!

Winter Exchange
New post on that coming soon... ;)

SAL #3
Congrats to Mónica!! The first one to finish our 3rd cat :D
How's everyone else going? I still have my Autumn cat to stitch but there's time ;) Deadline is 21st September!!

New author's
Please, welcome our new authors on the blog: Anne (Canada), Tracey (UK) and Eunice (Malaysia) :)


Olimpia said...

Hi Nia,

It´s good to know thar we will skip the autumn exchange, I have a lot of work.

Welcome to Anne, Tracey ann Eunice.

Have a good sunday.

Anne said...

Thank you very much for me to join. I am happily smiling! I shall post my last finish soon. Happy Stitching everyone :) Can hardly wait for Winter Exchange!! :)

O esconderijo da Mónica said...

Hello Nia
Thank you for your comment about me :).
Welcome her friends Anne, Tracey and Eunice kisses for you.

Stitching Noni said...

Great idea to do a Winter exchange and skip Autumn this time round. Seeing as it is almost Christmas we could do Christmas ornaments maybe?
I have finished Cool Cat #2 and about to start #3 this week.

Francesca Violetta said...

Hi all! I'm back, I've missed you all!
I'm a lucky girl, I've received two parcels: one from Rita and one from Olli, they make me happy! THANKS AGAIN dear friends!! In the next days I'm going to post the gifts I received from them, they are so lovely!!
And I'm really happy to read that there'll be a winter exchange, Nia, obviously, I'm in!!

Welcome to the new authors!!

have a great day

Valma said...

I'm back too =)
It's great to see that lot's of posts have been written here while I was away
everybody stitched except me, hehehehe
I'm late with my Autumn cat =(
I'll start him tonight...
welcome to our new friends

Tracey Walker said...

Thanks for letting me join in and thanks for the welcome will be posting soon when I have finished my current WIP as I have a few Sherry designs to do woohoo