September 17, 2012

news update #17

Summer Exchange
Francesca is still receiving her Pixie parcels :)

I have an update from Lu, she sent her package to Eleana by registered mail but after waiting too long and getting no info from the post office, Lu will send a new parcel to replace the missing one.
So, making and shipping a new package, we will have to wait a little more to close our exchange =/

I thought we could start our next exchange because time is flying away! But I will keep my attention until this situation is solved. Does everyone agree with me? Should we start planning for Winter Exchange?

New page on the blog
I created a new page just for our exchanges history, you can check it here. It will be always available to read, just click on the top menu 'Exchanges' :)

Below each title, you have an image and by clicking on it you'll be directed to the original post about the exchange. On the right, there's a link for each flashback and above the list with all participants.

SAL #3
Deadline coming!!! September 23rd, don't forget :p

New author's
Please, welcome our new authors: Angele (Netherlands) and Christiana (UK) :)


Eleana Durán said...

: (Sniff, well, I'll have to wait.
As winter begins the exchange at this time, I think little by little I can send my exchange smoothly the first week of November, so consider me in the exchange.
Better luck this right?

Anne said...

Wishing well, to new authors, Angele and Christiana. Happy Stitching! :)

Valma said...

welcome to our new friends =)
what a great idea to make a special page for the exchanges
it's great because first there are always great things done, and then it gives me ideas for new finishes, hehehehe =)
I'm late with my Autumn cat, but I hope to finish him before the end of September...
Of course I'm in for the Winter exchange =D
Ready to receive the rules =)
biiiiig hugs

Stitching Noni said...

Fantastic idea to have a separate page for the exchanges. It is always good to be able to refer back to them :o)
Can't wait for the next one ;o) - looking forward to thinking about a winter exchange. My mind is already ticking over with ideas so I'm in!!

Welcome to our new authors :o)

Hugs xx

♥ Nia said...

I will post about Winter exchange on the weekend!! ;)

Binky's Blog said...

I would like to be a part of the witer exchange. I will keep reading the page. I also like the idea about the exchanges.

Rita said...

Welcome the new girls on the block :D
Congratulations for another great idea Nia..the new page with all the exchanges! :)

Waiting for winter exchange...eheh..its good to have enough time to think about what we will send :)


♥ Nia said...

Brenda welcome to our group blog! :)

Next weekend I will post about the exchange ;) coming soon!!! eheheheh

Angel said...

Thank you all :-)

I'm happy to be a part of this group Margaret Sherry fans!!!