December 21, 2011

My Card

Judith has received today my postcard for the exchange, so I can show it to you all!
The hedgehog was taken from a pattern on "The best of Margaret Sherry" book

Judith has told me that it's her preferred pattern I'm so glad that she appreciated it so much!!!! you soon


cucki said...

aww cutie xx

Valma said...

hooo, this hedgehog is adorable :D
congrats, and congrats to the postman who has been faster between your 2 countries than the one from France and Brazil :D

BalkisMR said...

haha funny cute little landak.

Stitching Noni said...

He looks so gorgeous! Love MS's hedgehogs. I nearly did this one myself for Nia's card... but didn't!

Card looks great, well done ;O)

Francesca Violetta said...

I love this hedgehog!!
merry Christmas to you!!

♥ Nia said...

I'm happy for you both girls! Laura has her card delivered and Judith was happy with her surprise, lucky girls!! :D Almost everyone is still waiting on the postman :p heheheh