December 2, 2011

here I am

Hello every one I'm Laura I come from Italy and I want to shoe you some stitching I do in the past
two cats from a Crossstitcher Calendar...(maybe...)

and an Archies's pattern from The Crosstitcher that I've stitched on a bath towel for a little girl!!!

and now...can I tell you a little secret??? Today I've receive my issue 184 of WOCS and I'm alredy waitingnor next issue with the 2012 stitcher's diary...the theme...Margaret Sherry of course!!!! see you soon


Plichcia said...

Absolutely lovely :)

♥ Nia said...

Welcome Laura!!! First post and you are already sharing great news!! Nice!! :D hehehehe I will have to buy that TWOCS issue too ;)

Beautiful works! Congrats :D
All adorable but I have a special thing for Archie =) So cute!!! :)

cucki said...

hello and welcome laura..i love your stitching so much..very sweet..all of them are so cute..well done
cucki xx

Valma said...

Welcome Laura and congrats for your stitching, they are cute, and Archies looks so coooool :D
I'm sad because in France we can't find TWOCS :(

Laura said...

you can always buy it online...if you'll want I'll tell you where ;)

Valma said...

Ho yes please :)
Because all the sites I found do not deliver France :(
Many thanks

Lesley said...

Lovely finishes.I really like the top one :)

Rita said...

Welcome! :) (I love your country and language..have to say it :DD)

Great stitches...beautiful!!
I'm also waiting for next number of TWOC! ;)

Laura said...

here is the link Valma...
now you have to wait that the issue is out!!!!

Valma said...

many many thanks Laura ♥
I keep this link preciously....

Valma said...

I ordered issue 185 of TWOCS today :D
I'll receive it in 10 days approximatively
Thanks again Laura for the link
I can't wait .... :D