December 19, 2011

6 days left before Xmas !

Hi girls

6 days left before Xmas and my apron is not finished :-/
But here is You're my cup of tea :D
I started the last design and I'm doing my best to finish it tonight or tomorrow !
Still his face and ears to stitch :D
And backstitch to do of course....
It will be ok :D
Big hugs from France

You're my cup of tea


cucki said...

Aww she is so sweet..
Big hugs cucki

BalkisMR said...

awww this is sooo cute!!! where can i get this chart?

Valma said...

thanks a lot :D

@Balkis, the chart comes from Cross stitcher mag #229


cucki said...

me back again..
good luck for your apron deary xx

♥ Nia said...

I saw it on your blog! Again: adorable adorable adorable =) eheheheh

Mary Joan said...

I just love what you are doing to your aprons. They are all adorable.

Mary Joan

Valma said...

Many thanks :D
I come back soon with pictures of the last design and of the whole apron :)