December 24, 2011

Exchange card to Rafaela

Then, here is my card to Rafaela
I changed the colours a little to use the threads I already had :D

 A little bit deceived that it didn't arrived on time, but no matter, it was so much fun doing it and waiting everyday for the postman :D
And also discover all the pictures today !
I didn't received mine neither, but I can see on the picture you posted Nia, that the hedgehog Rafaela made is so so so cute, and that the star is not stitched :D
Great :D
I don't tell more Rafaela, because there's a present with the card and then it will be a surprise, a surprise I hope you will like :D
Merry Xmas Rafaela, Merry Xmas everybody
Lot's of love


cucki said...

aww it is so sweet..i love it..
merry christmas
love cucki xx

Stitching Noni said...

What a sweet litle design - perfect for Christmas. Your finished card is beautiful - well done :o)

♥ Nia said...

I was the first to see it!! :p heheheh
It's adorable!! And the colors look perfect =)
Valérie, don't be sad!! Next year we will do it sooner with lots of time to mail ;) I know Rafaela is out on vacations but she will return home this week. I bet she will have some news to share soon!! :)
Oh.. I should have done that.. not show all, leave something as a surprise for Noni too :p Always learning, always learning! ;) heheheh

Valma said...

thank you girls :)
I hope Rafaela will like it too