March 4, 2011

My First Cat

Hello girls!
Did not I say that February had 31 days would have finished in time. But the truth is that the month had only 28 days and I was late in the SAL.
Today I finished my first cat. Despite not knowing what to make of it, liked the result.
I changed the outline color.
Apron> DMC 825
Book> Anchor 401
Cat> Anchor 352
Mouth, eyes, mustache, eyebrows> Anchor 359
Hat> Anchor 400
Because I made a big change, but it was to my liking, and you liked?
The right eye will remake the French knot he was crooked. Arghhhhh weird! Scary! Hehehehe
Bring on the Cat 2!
Good night, Ana


Светик said...

Excellent cat, the French small knots very artful

♥ Nia said...

uhhhuuuuuu one more done! :D
Looks beautiful Aninha! :) Congrats sweetie!

Dinny Ristinia said...

Nice finish!
The color change looks fine.. like it very much!