March 16, 2011

Birthday Gifts

Hi girls!
It's been a very busy week... My 11 y.o. daughter have two birthday BFFs : Nabila and Tasya.
So I chose two simple and not-time-consuming charts to make birthday gifts for them both.

This one is for Nabila, a Cat Bookmark made on 16 count, 2 inches wide, white Aida fabric. I've made her a framed piece last year, so I decided to give her something for daily use.

And this one is for Tasya. I chose her the Make a Wish chart from CrossStitcher magazine #215. I also downloaded the mount from the provided website.

Pfffiuhhh... Next? I think it's about time to start my 2nd cat for the SAL..
Happy stitching everyone!


Heather's Stitching Story said...

Lovely! I do love Margaret Sherry designs. :-)

BalkisMR said...

The mouse is totally cute!!!!

♥ Nia said...

I've seen your bookmark on your blog Dinny, it's adorable!!! Really lovely!! =)
About the second design, I think everyone already know that I'm a fan ;) hehehe
Thanks for leaving the link for the mount on your post, good job ;)

Светик said...

Excellent gifts! I want to embroider these too. Where to take time:)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Hi Heather, Balkis, Nia, and Svetlana...
Thanks to you all!

by the way Nia, you ARE a big fan of the second design.. and I spotted your Dandelion on the CrossStitcher mag #237 (April edition)
great work!

Anne said...

Hi. Love your mouse stitch and pic. I have done this previously, as it is the centre of a cushion I have on my bed with other ms cat designs on it. But I didn't know there was a link in the mag for the pic. I shall check that out for sure, and probably do it again. Presently, or should say for a while now, been working on snowman. It's just about done. :) Love your blog.