March 16, 2011

Let's Bee Friends

Hi everyone~~
I finished this one in early of this year. i LOVE this cute creature landak and lebah. In Malay, landak means hedgehog, and lebah means bee. And i put this picture as my signature too

Visit my original post: Landak Cute


♥ Nia said...

Oh!! The cutest thing!! =)

PS: I love your signature! :D hehehhe

Rafa said...

Fell in love with this graphic!
Very cute:)


Simone Arrais said...

He is so beautiful and cute! Excelent job! Congrats! xoxo

Joanita said...

So cute! =)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Owwww.. landak dan lebah yang sangat manis...!!
(very sweet hedgehog and bee.. :))

Atelier Caseiro said...

So cute! *Ü*

BalkisMR said...

Thanks girls.. i want to stitch more!