August 21, 2013

SAL# 4

Hello Ladies, I came to show my last puppy. This was very quick and the embroidery looks just like my dog ​​when he does something stupid.
How are yours?



Mónica Silva said...

Hello Marcinha okay?
Very cute your puppy I also stitched this salt but I just did not want to attend a few days ago my puppies in your blog you have a Monica with the name of mine who is a Polish now I leave you my http://oesconderijodamonica28. / only added two numbers.
Kisses and hugs :)

cucki said...

Sweet x

Wiktoria Bojda said...

Piękny haft! :)

Anne said...

Oh I;m still on puppy 1 !! Have to get at them!! :)

Rita said...

eheh very cute! Nice job;)

♥ Nia said...

One more done! :D
You'll be the winner for the fastest stitcher on this SAL!! :D Congrats Marcinha!!

Stitching Noni said...

Oh so cute! You are definitely the fastest stitcher on this SAL!!
My puppies are on hold at the moment... 3 done.. 3 to do! Will get back onto them next month :o)

Angel said...

Finished, very well done!!!

Valma said...

One more done =)
he is so sweet
poor little puppy ashamed but over cute =)
well done sweetie