August 28, 2013

Better Late Than Unfinished... - SAL#3

Hi gorgeous ladies!!
I've been away for a loooong time... :(

I've seen so many updates on SAL#4 which I don't participate...
Well, I'm still struggling to finish my SAL#3.
Work, family, chores, etc got in the way; but I'm back!

Let me celebrate my cat #3 from Cool Cats, the Autumn Cat.

Now I have 3 of them...

Once I started, I can't stop!
This will be my last cat, the Winter Cat...

Wish me luck!


Stitching Noni said...

Fantastic! Well done on finishing Autumn - he was my favourite :o)
Good start to Winter - you will have him finished in no time now :o)

cucki said...

Wow truly so sweet..
Well done
Hugs x

Preeti said...

Very sweet!!:)

Angel said...

Well done, very cute cats!

Valma said...

once you pop you can't stop =)
OK no advert here hehehehe =D
Very beautiful cats you made. they are all very sweet
autumn is also my favourite one
enjoy the last one...can't wait to see how you will finish them

♥ Nia said...

Well done sweetie! :D
Congrats on your finishes! The last one is looking great :D

Alice 7610 said...

Congrats! :)

Lija Broka said...

Good luck! They are looking good.