August 7, 2013

news to share and a gift received :)

Hello ladies!! How is everyone doing?
Many people on vacation this month? :) I'll be soon, working just until the end of this week :D

If you are a follower on my personal blog, you already now how my past few weeks have been ;) If not, let me share the news: I'm pregnant! :D Early pregnancy yet, which has given me a change of rhythm that I'm still adapting :p and that's not the only reason I haven't been around so much, I was also very busy unwrapping packages with lots of bday gifts :D heheh It was my birthday on July 27th :)

A couple of weeks ago, I've also received a surprise package :) Gislene, from Brazil, sent me sweet treats saying how happy she was with all her Pixie gifts!

Since her partner failed on the last winter exchange, some friends on the group gathered to send her Pixie parcels. I know it's not the same as receiving our exchange in time but I also think it's a wonderful joy to see friends gathering just for friendship, nothing in return :) So thank you, thanks to everyone who has send a Pixie parcel (not only to Gislene but in all our previous exchanges), thank you all for your kindness and friendship :)
You ladies are the best!!


Angel said...

Did Gislene also received my pixie gift?
I am very curious if it arrived at het home.
I send it a long time ago.

♥ Nia said...

Angel I know she got mail from me, Valérie and Noni! I will check for more and I'll let you know ;)

Annette said...

congratz sweetie!!
your doing a great job!!!

Anne said...

Congratulations Nia!! So happy for you!! When are you due?? :)

Anne said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday too!!!!! :)

Valma said...

great treats you received =)
that so great Gislene was happy with the pixies gifts
not the gifts of the exchange of course, but she was able to receive smile and friendship and for this...this group is really super =D
one thing I'm sure of, is that this failed exchange for her allowed me to discover a very lovely person =)
I think I never showed here the pixie bag I made...I have to post about this
And what about the last parcels of the summer exchange ??

Deborah Jochim said...

Congratulations Nia! So happy for you!:-) when are you due?
Hugs! <3

Rita said...

So nice from Gislene..and also from the ladies who have sent her pixies!
you all rock!!;)
Kisses to you all***

♥ Nia said...

Thank you Anne and Deb :) Baby coming in March ;)

Valérie we are still waiting for the last parcels to arrive =/ I will wait a little more until next week, then we will check how things are going..
Please, let me know if I missed your pixie gifts on the list. I've been taking notes from everyone who sent a pixie parcel, if I missed you anywhere, please, tell me ;) Check the page with all our exhanges lists here on the blog.