May 28, 2013

May update!

Easter Exchange
Joey still waiting for her parcel.. Lentochka, please, track your package, let us know where it is!

Blogversary Exchange
Coming soon!!

I've updated our list with all the friends who have sent pixies parcels for our exchanges - except for Gislene and Annette, packages are still travelling ;)
I think I just need to complete who sent to Eleana...
If you have ever been a Pixie on our group, please, check our list and let me know if your name is missing, ok? I'd like to keep a record of everyone :) Thank you!!

SAL #4
Is everyone busy stitching?? :D I sure am!!! Trying to catch up, Marcinha is to ahead from all of us!! hahahah :D
I'd like to ask everyone to make an update post next week, is that ok? During the first week of June, post a photo from your work, no matter how much you've done. There's no month goal, nothing like that, it's just to see how everyone's doing. And I hope those who have more progress will motivate others to catch up too ;) That's the beauty on SALs :D heheheh

New Author
New friend on our blog, please, welcome Maria from Russia :)


Preeti said...

Welcome, Maria !!:)

Lija Broka said...

Dobro pozhalovat Maria!
Nia, I have been good and begun my first puppy
only on second colour but hopefully will have more to show 1st week of June (as long as I locate all the colours needed). Marcinha is putting us all to shame.

Valma said...

Welcome Maria =)
I can't wait to see all the puppies and also to have the name of my partner for the exchange =D
Happy stitching girls

Musicwoman said...

A great Wellcome from Germany, Maria.
I will have a look at your blogg ASAP
Hoping that you all have a good day

Anne said...

Welcome Maria!! I just started first Puppy Love stitch, so not much done yet, but will take a pic for the update next week. Also, imagine this, I'm all ready to send my Blogaversary package! LOL I have had so much fun with it.. I want to start the Christmas one!! :)

Angel said...

Welcome Maria, hope you will have fun here!!

Also hope that joeys parcel will arrive at her home soon.

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome Mari :)
Almost finished puppy #2 - will post an update this weekend.
Looking forward to seeing where the next exchange takes everyone :)

Annette said...

I got anopther pixie from Nia en Noni.. will post it tomorrow.. I'm bhind sorry!!

Musicwoman said...

Hi Nia,

I sent a pixie to Eleana ( sommer exchange).
She had been ill. Can you have a look at her blogg as I can't translate her text.
She thanks for all the parcels but the rest I couldn't understand in the right way.