May 9, 2013

exchanges - info update

I've been updating all info about our previous exchanges on our list here :)

2013 Easter exchange
. only Joey's gift hasn't arrived yet. I received a reply from Lentochka, she has a tracking number so her parcel won't be lost :) It's late because there was a strike on their mail service, in Russia, now it's on customs office in Singapore waiting to be released. So it should arrive soon!! It's on the way!!
. pixie gifts to Annette are still travelling

2012 Christmas exchange
. pixie gifts to Gislene are still travelling

Red names = people who unfortunately won't be able to join any exchange here on the group

2012 exchanges
All our previous exchanges are closed but I'm missing some info about our pixies. I sent emails to Francesca and Noni, I'm still missing names to complete the list with all friends who sent gifts. Since Eleana isn't replying emails, I need to ask everyone about pixie parcels sent to El Salvador. Please, if you have sent any gift to Eleana, let me know, so I can add you name on record, ok? :)

Thank you ladies!

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